Personal Experiences – Deborah Mutonyi – Part ii

My Second Experience at menstruation describes events that occurred when I was with a boy that I used to like very much: – typical teenage mess-ups.

The thing is, my menses are irregular, they start when they start and end whenever they want to. But my best days are when they last for only but a day and I have the rest of the days dancing around or wearing my sleek white pants that make me look so classy!

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So one time, My Periods just ended after lasting for only a day, and it was always that whenever they last like that, they do not start again until the next month. Following that routine, I decided to pull off an Orange off shoulder crop top paired with white pants and some black dress shoes and a black handbag. To top my look was the lip gloss, making my lips plump and kissable, lucky boy.

The boy arranged that we meet at one of the malls and I was 17 by then so it was okay.

But as we were walking hand in hand with all the romantic atmosphere around us, I noticed that people that were walking in from the back kept on looking at me and I smiled back at them because I thought they also found us romantic.

Until this lady tapped me on the shoulder as we queued up and whispered that I had stained my favorite white pants.

“The devil of embarrassments just couldn’t let me be huh”

Lucky for me, I rushed to the bathroom and put on the necessaries and wrapped on a chitenge I had carried to hide my embarrassment.

I was so glad that the boy was also of help because I wouldn’t have walked out of the mall with my head held high

Deborah Mutonyi


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