Every girl dreams of a beautiful life with all her emotions in check and no embarrassing moments, well, I guess the emoji with the rolling eyes would suit better because that will only remain a dream.
“I hate blood, it freaks me out!” I scream at my brother as he holds up a goofy doll with tomato paste splashed all over it, almost making the Annabel doll look so much prettier.
How couldn’t I have been a boy? I mean my brothers are lucky that they do not get to undergo all these menstruations. I remember when I first started Menstruating I would always mess up my days cause of the irregular flow and all.

Dating back to this old time when I went to school and I forgot my days when I menses where supposed to start. It was my second month of menstruating and I really did not know how these things worked…lol…
Having only brothers and a shy mother did not help either and oh my, did I mess up that day.
I was in the 10th grade and it was during the 6th period that I felt weird like some slimy stuff between my legs, almost making me feel….exposed….so I decided to excuse myself from class to go and check what it was only to find my undies were stained.

Following the strict orders of not telling anyone that I bleed lest I die, I tried stuffing some tissue from the schools bathroom to make a comfortable pad and went back to class.
I couldn’t feel that I was getting soaked each moment because it felt comfortable and owing to my illiterate self at the moment I let it pass.

However, I went back to class and sat through to the 8th period and Prep like nothing even happened:- until I stood and instantly heard this Loud gasp echo from my back and when I turned to look around, I found this huge stain of blood on my desk.

Insert the dark skinned emoji wearing a turquoise shirt slapping through her face because that was exactly my reaction when I stood up and found out that I had actually stained my desk and the only thing saving me was the black skirts we wore.
I mean, isn’t blood supposed to be thick?

“I hate blood!” well at least I learnt the importance of carrying a pad,

Deborah Mutonyi


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  1. Kafula

    Enjoyed this read, we all can testify to staining one or twice while at school…. Embarrassing moments but well it’s the menses journey😂

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