Menstruation or a period usually comes within 28 days, I say usually because we have some situations were a woman might have her period “early” or not have it at all in that month. One of the issues that might cause this is stress or a change of daily activity.

Being healthy means being mentally, physically and psychologically healthy. It does not necessarily mean the absence of disease. Now, speaking of mental health, the world recently commemorated World suicide prevention day, this was held on September, 10.

The day is set aside to spread more awareness on how to work around mental health issues and all the ways in which we can find help and easy our worries. It is advisable to talk to a close friend, relative or a health profession specialized in mental health field.

Getting back to menstruation, it also comes with stress and other emotions, during ovulation the body undergoes certain changes such as having tender breasts and abdominal pains.  To be honest, this time of the month might be a nightmare for adolescents girls and young women that can not afford good sanitary materials.

The condition before the ‘periods’ is usually called PMS – premenstrual syndrome. It is experienced by most women and comes along with mood swings, feeling irritable, anxiety, headaches, changes in appetite and sex drive. In addition to this, lack of sanitary materials may reduce a woman’s confidence to do anything, during this time of the month.

Vulnerable school going girls usually miss a week of school each month and this affects their overall performance when it comes to academics. This pushes most girls into early marriages that might result into them not having an income or early unplanned pregnancies as it stands women are still fighting for economic empowerment.

Mental health is a factor that needs to be put into consideration as part of the ways that might improve and individuals health. With the covid19 times, sanitary materials is not seen as a basic need in most low income homes this is because there is a lot of hand-to-mouth feeding hence the drastic shift of resources.

It’s time to work towards ending period poverty in our communities by providing menstrual hygiene facilities and materials in schools and central places in order to enable adolescent girls and young women to handle menstrual hygiene issues well.

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