October is usually a very hot month in Zambia but this year its quite different. The weather keeps fluctuating but, we can still feel the heat.

During this heated season, periods are not as easy to deal with because the body adapts to the various changes and women make different choices when it comes to choosing sanitary materials especially because of financial conditions and other personal factors.

During this heated season, wearing pads is not an easy to do task due to various reason. We have some women that react to these materials due to too much heat and shortage of resources that can help in reducing this allergy. Other girls and women use cloths that sometimes bruise their genital areas. You might be out there and you experience burning of pads due to much sweating and other things that make you feel uncomfortable, this article will help you to make good sanitary materials choices according to the weather and preference.

During hot weather most people prefer tampons and menstrual cups as these help them swim and do certain activities. These women don’t experience much of the skin burning but if you use pads then you will need extra care, for reusable pads once you take it out was it with running water and hang it in direct sunlight so that it can fully dry, before use iron it to kill any bacteria.

This extra care comes in different ways and you can use products that are found in any store near you. Materials such as wipes should be used to wipe your genital area once you feel to sweaty down there, also use some Vaseline to keep it well moisturized we have other options such as putting a little bit of baby powder to keep the area dry and to avoid excessive sweating as you do your daily activities.
Another aspect that can improve your period week is hydration, because your body loses so much liquid through sweating and menstruation its important to take it more fluids than usual.

Women around the world experience different symptoms and signs during this time of the month. Factors such as weather, daily activities, hormones and many other issues will affect the signs and symptoms of your menstrualcycle. The right sanitary materials will help you undergo your periods.

Your options would be:

Menstrual cup
Pads (reusable and non- reusable).

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