A few days ago I did a poll on menstruation and pregnancy.
“Question – Do you think they’re certain girls out there that get pregnant to avoid the stress that comes with menstruation- Yes/No”

I got both answers with different explanations but majority said “No”. Others said “Yes,” with explanations such as, this is because most adolescent girls and young women do not have full information on the effects on teen or early pregnancies and unplanned pregnancies. Because of the 9 months, a normal pregnancy takes, they feel it is a relief of not worrying about periods.

But, many of these teens are forgetting or misinformed that having a baby has more responsibilities than going through a menstruation 5 – 7 day period in a month, which even gets worse, if twins or more are born.

Most of the young women in certain areas do not have enough information on menstruation and pregnancy hence its time to put more energy into spreading awareness and information on sexual reproductive issues that surrounded young people.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, it has been observed most teens are falling into the unwanted pregnancy trap, and the number of unplanned pregnancies is on a sharp rise. This, will in turn result into back door abortions, which are illegal and unsafe, thus increasing the maternal mortality rate among adolescent girls and young women.

The aim and goal is to spread awareness about these kind of issues to the communities we live in. As the pregnancy is unwanted and unplanned, it’s highly likely the affected girl child has zero resources to look after the newly born. It might not be your sister, daughter, niece or granddaughter, but might definitely be someone you’re close to.
As the saying goes;

If you are not infected,
then you are definitely affected.

Prevention of unplanned pregnancies can be done by abstaining from sex or taking suitable contraception from any medical practitioners in our different help centers. This will also result into keeping young girls in schools and later on improve their economic muscle.

Knowledge is really power when it is disseminated to the right ears at the right time. It is the job of community leaders and parents to educate and spread information.

In conclusion, a combination of free sanitary pads and adequate information on menstruation will reduced unplanned pregnancies and illegal abortions.

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