Happy International day of the African Child.

This day is one that looks into the lives of our girls. Issues such as menstrual hygiene issues should be part of the conversation, ways in which we can avoid teen pregnancies and increase enrollment policy in schools should be the main topics around this day.

This day was first celebrated in 2012, it was brought about so that young women and girls can have increased opportunities in all sectors as well as gender equity and equality this is because women and girls face a lot of hardship in sectors such as access to good education, proper and correct nutrition especially during pregnancy, legal rights, Health and medical care as well as protection from , violence against women, discrimination and stigma as well as early and forced marriages.

To be honest I think everyday should be a day when children are protected from all harmful vices, during this pandemic a lot of defilement and rape cases have increased. It’s time to intensify awareness of the issues of rape and how it will affect the life of the victims! 10th October is world mental health Day, and by that we what to protect our children from going through events that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Policy makers are also tasked to put up stiff laws that will reduce the number of child defilement cases in the country. Be a brother’s, sister’s and child’s keeper always look out for children that live are you.

But remember “A man that takes advice given to him , is still a man that acts upon his free will.”
Therefore always choose to protect our children.

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